Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Can a Person Learn from Travelling?

Why do people travel? What are people searching for when they travel? How does travel change a person’s thinking? What kind of travel changes a persons thinking?

When travelling to a foreign country where you can’t speak the language, the experience is similar to watching TV with the sound turned off. What people say doesn’t matter, instead you focus on what people do. The focus is more on how people behave and less what they say. Communication becomes about action and speech secondary.

Why do people want to visit a city? What makes a tourist attraction? What is the significance of traveling to a landmark?

On a vacation in Europe it is interesting to explore how mindsets change with geography. Tradition is how a city's people has learned to live together. Multicultural societies can cause friction when cities with strong traditions cannot integrate the customs of the new immigrants.

The world won’t change to fit the way individuals see the world, if life makes a person unhappy the world will not change to make the person happy, the person will need to change and learn how to think positively about the world. Part of the process for change is taking initiative and adapting the how you think. A person's thought needs to create their environment. Initiative is the talent that will give a person control over their life.

People who live in large cities live to a different beat, then people who live in a small town. Why does activity increase in large cities? Why are people in a hurry? Are people who live in small towns more in time with nature? Does a shortage of time create stress?