Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Society in Harmony with Nature?


A lion is a lion and knows how to be a lion, the lion doesn’t try to be an elephant.

People have a habit of thinking they are above nature, and ignore their instincts. Animals in the wild don’t have this problem, they live in an ecosystem; everything has its place and lives in balance.

People try to change nature and be something they’re not. It is east to forget people are part of the environment when living in a city. Ignoring we are part of a system can cause problems.

Society has created expanding list of mental problems. Mental illness can arise from an artificial life. When society ignores the natural laws, people suffer.

Nature Deficit Disorder

The laws of nature are part of life. We are part of the environment. The mind cannot think independently of mother earth, the mind is part of a system; everything is connected. The environment has a pull on us, and we a pull on it.

Humans have the power to appreciate or destroy the environment, for nature to survive harmony is needed.