Saturday, August 27, 2011

Say No?

His way, our way, their way

Many people think 'no' is a bad word, that it is a form of rejection. Lets have a look at why this attitude is wrong.

Answering ‘no’ can be positive, when it is used to take control of your life. Because until you say ‘no’, your life will always be controlled by others. Saying 'yes' to everything has a high price if you loose control, and become a slave to someone.

In a world of unlimited choices ‘no’ is a very important word. Saying ‘No’ is not negative: it is seeing all the options and part of making a choice. Saying 'no' is deciding what isn't valuable. Not everything is worth saying 'yes' too.

What do you think? Is saying 'no' wrong, or does it give a person control?

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