Sunday, August 21, 2011

How can I Improve?

This post is an edited version of a guest post I wrote on Armen’s blog Timeless Information.

Turn Ideas into Action

More often than not our jobs are something that we endure; we live for our time off and dream of the future. -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)
Recently the lottery had jack potted to a ridiculous amount, and every one at work were talking and dreaming about winning.
It started me thinking about peoples dreams and aspirations. Many people dream of a better life, and dream of winning the lottery so they can spend all their time lounging around and being on permanent vacation. Could the dream of winning the lottery be limiting people from creating their own success?
A person's life depends on action; if you are not working at improving your situation, how can life improve? I imagine if your reading this you might be looking for inspiration. I believe success is 80% inspiration 20% hard work. Inspiration is the motivation for hard work, everything else is a distraction.
Where does inspiration come from?

Know Your Future

Every child grows up with a dream for their future. A child’s dream is built around everything important to the child. -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)
That dream you had as a child doesn’t disappear, it is worn away by life’s distractions.
We lose sight of our objectives and end up following some detour. This is the source of so many of the failures in our lives. -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)

Shit happens, Dreams are Made

Dreams don’t just happen, for a dream to come true it needs to be worked on. Dreams come true when the dreamer is willing to do the hard work. As hard as the work might be, it is a small price compared to the reward of making a dream come true. Reading Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ I learned life is a journey of transformation and dreams need to be worked on. Only those dedicated to their vision are rewarded.
Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You’ve got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense. -The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
With a strong heart and by creating true love we learn to accept all the hardships in our life. Love is the deep meaning in our life that carries us forward.
All the while it is important to live in the present moment. Remembering, what is done now decides the future.

A Clear Mind is a Disciplined Mind

Don’t just have a dream, turn your vision into action. Clear thinking plans the details and takes the action necessary for making dreams come true.
From this knowledge, you shape the project itself, grounding it in reality rather than in airy concepts in your head. Operating this way helps you slow your mind down and develop patience for detailed work, an essential skill for mastering any craft. -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)
To think clearly requires discipline. Discipline gives the individual power to control one’s thoughts and actions. A disciplined mind is predictable. The mind isn’t in constant flux. You need faith in yourself and ability.
True meaning in your life doesn’t change with the weather, but is a guiding star to plan your life by.
We are not engaged in the daily activity of the job with our full mental powers because it is not as exciting as life outside work. We develop less and less tolerance for dull moments and repetitive activity. -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)


There are two kinds of discipline, self discipline and enforced discipline:
  • Enforced discipline puts a price on certain actions. E.g If I don’t do this, something bad will happen.
  • Self discipline sees the value of correct action. E.g If I do this, I will be rewarded.
The fearless types in history inevitably display in their lives a higher tolerance than most of us for repetitive, boring tasks. This allows them to excel in their field and master their craft. -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)
Many people get trapped by planning their life around enforced discipline.

Plan Your Day

Clear thinking plans the details necessary for completing a goal, and is prepared for the future. Everything needs to happen at the right moment; there needs to be consistent effort. Un-realised dreams are the result of poor planning.
Break down a big project into bite size steps.
Remember: anything will give way to a sustained, persistent attack on your part. -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)
Don’t let life pass you by. Be prepared. Everything doesn’t happen all at once.
You cannot persist on two or three paths, so avoid that temptation. -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)
We want to achieve many things in life, but isn’t meant to be easy. Each achievement needs to be worked on, and executed at the right moment. It is important to plan your day to be in harmony with life. Success isn't random. It comes from a vision and working on the details necessary for completing a goal (make a dream real).
Unfinished dreams are the result of poor planning. Allow each moment to shine a light on what is important and needs to be done.
Tasks that don’t get completed are -not relevant. -are too complicated and need to be broken down into action steps. -out of date. -rescheduled
Remember sacrifice is the price of success.
Clear thinking programs your brain to focus on the present moment. Clear thinking programs your brain to execute what you learn.

Sweet Dreams

Your life is right here, right now. Your future is decided by what you choose to do. Society and the future of civilisation is in your hands.
Greatness consists not in the holding of some future office, but really consists in doing great deeds with little means and the accomplishment of vast purposes from the private ranks of life. To be great at all one must be great here, now, in Philadelphia. He who can give to this city better streets and better sidewalks, better schools and more colleges, more happiness and more civilisation, more of God, he will be great anywhere. -Acres of Diamonds (Russell H. Conwell)