Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patriotic Duty

We have it drummed in our heads that we belong to our country and it is wrong to disagree with the government, we must fight for them and follow their rules/laws. It's unpatriotic if we don't.
An idea is good or bad on it's own merit, patriotism shouldn't be a consideration. Government has us believing that we must vote on the choices they offer, but what if we want to make our own choice, can we? What is the penalty for making our own choice?
When you reflect on some of the most unjust acts in history, people were be patriotic; to better the country. Unfortunately patriotism can stop people from thinking for themselves.
What happens to a nation when the people stop thinking as an individual?
We may think it is unjust for one man to kill another, but why does a government see it fair to kill in the name of a country. In the jungle the strong rule by their own hand, not because other animals will do their dirty deeds.
Have you ever heard the government say, "It is our patriotic duty to..."
It might sound like I'm an anarchist, well I'm not. I do believe in harmony. I just feel that the world has too much politics.
How can a government be trusted if it lies to the people?
In my opinion patriotism, is just another form of prejudice.
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