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Does God Exist?

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I haven't always believed in God, there was a time when I was an atheist. I thought believing in God was backwards and old fashioned. Now, I am more inclined to think God exists. The belief isn't born from logic, the belief rises from another form of reasoning. Let me explain.

Logic is suitable for science, but not so good at explaining humanity and all the feelings that make us human.

Alternatively, not believing in god makes about as much sense as not believing in science, everything continues to work, even without believing. But, what changes when you do believe? Your mind becomes open to possibility and you observe more.

It is much more functional to accept the divine possibility. That way, the fight between religion and science ends peacefully as both sides coexist. Science and religion are not opposites, rather the ideas are born from different seeds of thought. It's best to move away from both religious and atheist fanaticism, it's pointless. In this essay I will try to help non believers consider the possibility of God.

Firstly let me disclose the origins of my beliefs. I've never had a divine experience, nor am I religious, but I was educated in the catholic school system. Despite my education, for a long time I considered myself an atheist. That changed when I started to look into why people believe in a greater power. Now I don't say no, instead I explore the possibility.

Finding a place for God
Believing in God has helped broaden my mind. I find their is a benefit from having a plural view on life, not just the scientific perspective. Science tackles the world from the view that each piece of the puzzle must be put together. Religion lets us believe in the complete puzzles meaning; what is best described as faith.
Suspend your disbelief for a moment, and explore a new perspective. Think of God as a figment of the mind, who exists in thought. Isn't the mind a world of it's own? Isn't it possible that God is manifested in thought?

What is thought?
Good thoughts can bring people together to act as one and thoughts have an effect the physical world. Through the existence of god in thought could it be possible to manifest his being into the physical world through social expression, a group of people acting as one, in the name of God.

God could explain why people don't have complete power over thought. His spirit may live in the same place creative expression is born. God could be the social conscience, the voice we hear when seeing other people suffer or an animal in pain.

Who am I to say what is and what isn't? I'm little compared to the universe. Maybe a good education is reason not believe in God, having said that I personally believe in the possibility. How can I expand my mind if I limit the possibilities outside my understanding?

Do you believe in a God? Let me know in the comments, even if it is just a yes or no.

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