Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Questions about Government

I have been thinking about governments, especially about the decision making process. What I have been noticing is so much of our society is at the mercy of a select number of people; people in power. Is this good for society?
Questions about Government
What if we had people vote on policies and not leaders?
What would a true democracy look like? Where individuals have a say in determining decisions and not just the leaders.  What happens when there is a 50/50 split? How can there be two solutions? At school we were taught to give the correct answer. Could their be more then one right answer?
The wealthy tend to be liberals and want to reduce the number of laws. The poor tend to be socialist and want government to improve equality. It would be fair to assume both are looking after their personal interests. Which is the better form of government? Maybe both working hand in hand?  Are governments building trust? What is the objective of government? Should government meet the needs of the people? Which people? Can the government meet the needs of everyone? Or the majority, the powerful, the wise? Is government always a compromise?
Should I be working for more money or on improving the world? When I earn more money am I doing more good? How can money, value and doing good become synonyms?
What is the function of sport socially? Is it a benefit to society? Why do political parties have team colours? Should I be voting for my team or the best policies?
There is a relationship between morale and workplace accidents/sick leave. Does this apply also to the health of a society?
Governments are under a lot of pressure to satisfy many different needs, their needs to be room for diversity. Progressive societies move away from central governments. Too much power in one person/group corrupts a society.
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