Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning about Advertising

Not all advertising is about convincing people to buy, instead the focus is on owning a part of your mind. Example: Coke want you to think of them when buying a drink, they own the part of the mind associated with drink. Coke do their best to keep the product in your thoughts. To do this they place the product in fun environments. The idea is based on the same idea used in word associations. The next time you consider buying something ask yourself why this one? Is it really better, or just disguised in advertising?

  • How would you like to be informed about products?
  • Where do you get your information for deciding what is best for you?
  • How much of our life is free will?
  • What are the factors that effect our thoughts?
Advertising tries to influence us by planting the seed of an idea and making it grow in our thoughts. Inception; the start of a new idea.
Advertising is big because of the influence it has on our thoughts. Media companies distribute advertising and are a source of information. What effect does adverting have on society?