Monday, July 12, 2010

A Focused Mind Works

Focused action
“To get there you will have to learn a craft—educate yourself and develop the proper skills. All human activities involve a process of mastery. You must learn the various steps and procedures involved, proceeding to higher and higher levels of proficiency. This requires discipline and tenacity—the ability to withstand repetitive activity, slowness, and the anxiety that comes with such a challenge.” -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)

Defining a Workflow
A workflow is the process of getting work done, a system for creating. Not all workflows are effective. A well designed workflow will use time and resources effectively and efficiently. The goal is to bring thoughts and actions together to be congruent. Importantly workflows focus on what needs to be done now.
A workflow isn’t about learning. A workflow is always about creating and doing. It must be remembered that all work is done in the now. If your not working on the project, your not working.

To-do List
One method of focusing the mind on a job is to use a to-do list. With a clear mind separate the project into actionable steps. Then break down each step into separate tasks. The goal is to break down the project into small enough steps that the goal no longer looks intimidating. Be aware to-do lists can become overwhelming, stay focused on keeping the process as simple as possible. At its heart a to-do list should be focused on what needs to be done now. Don’t get lost worrying about the future.

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