Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clear Thinking

“..the root of the problem is not boredom itself but our relationship to it. Try to look at boredom from the opposite perspective—as a call for you to slow yourself down, to stop searching for endless distractions.” -The 50th Law (Robert Greene and 50 Cent)

The modern lifestyle is full of distractions. So many things are fighting for our attention e.g the TV, advertising, employers, internet, books, software and new hobbies. These distractions cause people to lose focus on what is important. Clear thinking aims to focus the mind on being yourself.

Inspired by David Turnbulls article on Effortless Living, I started to think about how to live effortlessly. What does it mean? I think it is about being true to yourself. Don’t try to be everything, don’t try to be what other people expect. Simply be yourself. Clear thinking aims to remove distractions, so you can be yourself. It helps you to slow things down, develop patience and self-discipline.

Clear Thinking will be a series of articles that look at how to remove distracting thoughts.

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