Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clear Thinking Looks for the Truth

This article continues the series examining clear thinking and explores how clear thinking avoids distraction by focusing on the now.

The objective of clear thinking is to remove distraction and pay attention to what is happening now.
One effective method of removing distraction is to focus on the truth, because the truth is what it is and cannot be changed. Once you separate what is true from what isn’t true you see where your power lies. The mind can get caught up in thinking, and loose touch with reality.

In the Present Moment
The truth is right here, right now. The truth only exists in the present moment, everything else is a creation of the mind. By being ready for now you are focusing on what can be controlled. In practical terms; this means the past cannot be changed, the future is only a creation of the mind.
Your power is how you choose to act right here, right now.

“Do, or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda, Empire Strikes Back

Everything doesn't happen all at once, each achievement needs to happen at the right moment. Problems arise when we are not ready for what is happening now.

Your thoughts are Your Life
Anything that is true cannot be changed, but anything that isn’t true can be changed by what you focus on. Focus on how you would like things to be. Clear thinking adapts to unforeseen circumstances. Clear thinking pays attention to the situation and responds to what is happening. Your thoughts are the truth but are not real, because they can change. Changing your thoughts changes everything.

In Summary
The truth is:

  • everything in your control is happening now.
  • what you do now decides your future.
  • the past cannot be changed.

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