Monday, March 15, 2010

The Source of Faith

Meaning comes from the questions you ask, faith is the opposite. Faith is believing without asking questions.

Is Faith Important?
Let me answer this question with another question, “If you don’t have faith, why try?”
Faith makes the ground you walk on solid, and makes the future possible. The future is a manifestation of faith. Nobody knows what will happen next, but with faith people plan their whole life.
The barrier to faith is fear of the unknown. I don't know anything, except that our beliefs skew our perception of reality. So believe in something good, something worth persevering, something worth dieing for. Have faith in something that will sustain you through the hard times.
Our life is a manifestation of the effort to answer questions. Why? Questions are the seed of thought. It is from the questions asked, we collect our knowledge. Some questions are good and will guide a person on a path with deep meaning, some are bad and will leave us wanting (acedia). A good question will create curiosity, and create a path for your life.
“ acedia: apathy; a lack of care or interest; indifference; spiritual or mental sloth. Boredom” -Wiktionary
To put this in perspective, think of this idea (faith) as the story in the movie “The Matrix”. Neo thinks his real life is the boring job at the office. But then someone comes nocking on his door to tell him this boredom isn’t real. Suddenly a whole new world is revealed to him. I am not trying to say the world isn’t real, I am asking you if you are seeing the full reality? Could you be ignoring something that is very important?
“Maya: what separates a Human Being from God the Creator! Can we see the stars in daylight. One who has seen only day light would never believe the existence of stars. What makes us believe half truth as the only Truth!! The limited intellectual knowledge gained through five senses prompts us in believing this World to be the only Truth.” -Maya Veil of Ignorance, By Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"
Meaning is the source of inspiration to struggle through hard times (perseverance). In Stephen Covey’s book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ the first success habit is “Being pro-active”. I think the first success habit is faith. Before any action their must be a reason why to do big things? The first step is to ask ‘Why?’ All successes in life come from action, but what motivates people to do? The answer is meaning.
My first formal introduction to the importance of the meaning was reading Victor Frankl’s, ‘Man Search for Meaning.' Victor Frankl was a psychologist who studied how the meaning played a part in a person’s mental health. He was interested in discovering how having meaning for your life could cure mental illness.
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