Friday, February 05, 2010

The Sum of all Fear

I can show you that doing something is better than doing nothing.  When you do nothing, out of worry of being attacked, you get no attacks on you, but you also have gone nowhere.  It is like putting nothing in a pot and cooking it.  An hour later, you have a heated nothing- Words Of Wisdom – Chosen LyricsArmen Shirvanian
Fear and Resistance
Between you and your goal is resistance. One should aim their life against the path with resistance, that is where one will find the greatest personal rewards. Overcome your fear; overcome your resistance.

Clarity of purpose will help fight the resistance created by fear. If you have a clear picture of your life, you can steer your destiny. In your mind; create a clear picture of each action necessary to fulfill your vision; put your life in motion.

The Motivation
If I were to know that tomorrow I die, would I be at peace or a raving lunatic? How much more time do I need? What am I waiting for? How do I know tomorrow isn't the perfect time to die?
Life is a road with many peaks and valleys. Hopefully your not in a valley. But if you do find yourself at a low point in your life, remember this is where you learn about your spirit. The hard times are a test of your character and your ability to see past this moment of pain, and to envision a better future. This low point is the time to call on your courage and forge the will to create a better future.