Monday, February 01, 2010

The Importance of Relationships

Photo by: Sanja Gjenero

I would describe myself as a “recovering introvert.” In the past I would always aim my personal compass towards independence, while talking to new people was the last thing on my mind, something I didn't enjoy. I thought it was important to be able to work alone.
Now, I realise what matters most isn't what I do as an individual, but how I interact with the people around me. I look to find people ways to connect with people.
Relationships makes the world we know. (Don’t live alone.) -Life Lesson
Relationship Lessons from Basketball
I first started to think about the importance of relationships when I was playing basketball. I noticed how much the team was effected when players didn’t get along with each other. A team without team work doesn't win many games. Individual talent doesn't count for much if you don't get the ball.
Relationships are important because no one lives alone in this world. Everyone can benefit from relationships.
The Basketball Team
In a basketball team relationships are very important. You need to work with the people on your team, because they will help you win. Independence doesn't count for much.
The Team
Basketball is a team sport; you need the people on your side. To become part of a team, one needs to learn about social value. I quickly learned nobody would have me on their team if I didn’t make friends. I also learned if I had good basketball skills, people would be more inclined to make friends with me.
Welcome to the real world 

"Here's the big news: If your strategy is to lie low, do our job, follow instructions, and hope that nobody notices you:
(a) nobody will ever notice your and
(b) you're actually increasing the chances of something bad happening." via Seth Godin's book The Big Moo.

After finishing school I soon learned nobody would automatically include me into their tean. If I wanted to be part of the team, I needed to work at becoming a member. This was an ego bruising lesson, but it was an important lesson.
I had to learn about team value:
  • What does the team need?
  • What does the team like?
  • What position would I play in the team?
  • How could I get on a good team?
I had to make friends and earn my place on the team.
Make friends
You can have good skills, and still people won’t want to play with you. Friendship is important. You need to care about the people on the team.
A Team Effort
Basketball was an important learning ground, and introduced me to a new circle of friends. Together we enjoyed the challenge of competition; together we played to win. The bigger the success the more people involved.