Friday, January 22, 2010

What am I here for?

Why Should I get out of Bed
During these hard times I have noticed a lack of motivation and energy in me. I sense the absence of purpose. Each day begins with the question, Why should I get out of bed?”
In my final years of high school I didn’t want to get out of bed; I would wake up tiered. Each day was long and tedious; school was a bore. At school I felt like my thoughts were being programmed into me and other people were making choices for me. I needed change. I needed control over my life. Okay that is the back story.
Now lets jump to the present and see how things changed things
A good Question will Inspire You
Looking back now I think the boredom was a natural stage of life. It forced me to look inside myself and discover what was important. Growing up I had let other people control my life, and it left me feeling like my life was meaningless.
I lost control of my life and needed to get it back. It took six years of high school to start thinking about my future, I can still remember being frightened by life after school. Since those day’s my life has changed, a lot. I have had to reinvent myself. My life has become a progression towards ownership of my thoughts and a mission to ‘Cultivate my Mind.' The mission has come to define who I am and what I do. One simple question inspired my change. All I needed to do was learn about myself. I needed to know
“What do I enjoy?”
When you know what you want you can set your mind to create the new life you want. Now
  • I wake up thinking about what needs doing.
  • I have many things to do.
  • I go to bed tiered.
  • My life is a never ending mission of self improvement.
Things I enjoy doing
  • Cycling
  • Travelling
  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • Reading
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