Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life Lessons

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I have been working on a list of life lessons to help focus my thoughts. The idea came to me from reading the book 7 Habits of Highly People and the blog The Happiness Project.
“Changing my life is like driving against the traffic; everyone toots their horn telling me I am heading in the wrong direction. It is not eas7 Habits of Highly Effective Peopley confronting other peoples expectations.”- Ideas from my phone

Life Lesson List
Here is a list of the lessons I have learnt fromlife. It is in no way complete, I change and refine the list as I travel through life.

Life Lessons:
  1. Meaning in life is the motivation to action - If your not willing to sacrifice, it isn’t worth doing.
  2. The meaning in one’s life should define what you do - until you start doing things for yourself nothing will seem important.
  3. Clarity - begin with an end in mind.
  4. It is what you observe about life that makes it interesting.
  5. Everything in life has a time cost - we don’t live forever, don’t waste time.
  6. Meaning is the reason for everything - the reason to overcome all obstacles
  7. Long term value is worth more then short term pleasure.
  8. The world owes me nothing - I have to earn it, money and everything else.
  9. Wealthy people notice the abundance around them - Acres of Diamonds.
  10. Relationships make the world we know - Don’t live alone and choose your friends.

One of my favourite life lesson lists is written by Buster Benson, his list is called 'Rules to Live By' (scroll down the page to find the list). By my guess, his ideas have been well thought out and tested.

Dr. Phil has another set of Life Laws.

What are the rules you live by? Which have helped you the most? Are any of your rules holding you back? Are they your rules, or have you got them from somebody else? Do you test your rules?

Often we aren't even aware of the rules guiding our life, they are just habits that have an invisible hold on us.
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