Thursday, December 10, 2009

Introduction: What am I here to do?

Image from stock.xchng and taken by Stefan Glase

This is the first in a series of articles chronicling the story of my search for meaning. In future articles I will attempt to explain how my life changed after discovering the meaning of life.
"I can understand why people commit suicide or self harm. When life stops holding  meaning, why struggle when you can end the pain. These feelings are from suffering acedia." - Ideas from my phone

The Search for Interesting
One's goal is to notice the story in your life and understand how the small events fit into the larger picture; slowly unraveling the significance of each moment to create a story. Learning; it is what you observe about life that makes anything and everything interesting.
I will try to write an interesting story that will relate to others.
I want to write a story about my goal to find the answer to a question; 'What is the meaning of life?' A goal I have been focused on ever since I began writing ‘Cultivating the Mind’ in 2006. -From my list of goals
Writing a good story is worth the effort, because behind all good stories is meaning. Writing is helping me to learn the story behind the meaning of life. Through writing I focus my curiosity to create stories.

20 years ago when I was finishing high school, I wrote:
“During hard times I have noticed a lack of motivation and energy in me. I can sense the absence of purpose for the day.”
That day marks the beginning of my search. Since that day my mission in life has come to define who I am, what I do and how people see me.