Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stay committed

From my personal experience I have noticed that my thoughts can change from day to day. Often projects die because they loose relevance and become boring. Recently I have been working on ways to improve my dedication to completing projects and staying commitment.

One simple strategy has been to create a todo lists. This simple method is working well. Here are some of the details:

To manage my todo list I use Things on the Mac and on the iPhone.

Working with a to-do lists helps focus thoughts and connect them with action. I have found out the hard way, that thinking doesn't produce anything if it isn't followed with action. So it is important when creating items for a to-do that you express each todo as an action. If a task requires more then one action, create a project. Then break down the project into single step to-dos.

Another benefit of creating to-do lists and projects is it focuses thoughts on what matters. I have found this strategy produces long term benefits.

Eg One of my to-dos is to start a business. Now I know when the tasks on the to-do list are completed I will have a business. All my projects are created to make my dreams and wishes come true, so it is in my interest to complete the tasks.

The amazing thing is, every time I complete a task and tick it off, I can see myself closer to achieving the goal. This is a strong motivator. Of course everything doesn't happen by itself, you still need commitment and dedication to complete tasks.

Be aware you don't overload your to-do list. It is easy to fill up a lists with all kinds of tasks, even ones that aren't important. I had this problem when I started. I noticed myself becoming overloaded. It got to the stage where I would put even the most mundane tasks on the list. Bad mistake, because it is a sure way to kill a to-do list. It is best to only put important tasks on a todo list. The stuff that has to be done, the stuff that needs to be done. Don't include the stuff you might like to do some day. Put that somewhere else.