Monday, September 14, 2009

Breaking through personal barriers

Sorry for the rushed post the other day, it was my way of breaking through writer's block. I forced myself to write something, anything. I think at times it is more important to write something rather then nothing at all. Let me explain. At times my personal expectations can be set too high, and rather then working through the problem, I give up. So I made the decision to meet the goal and write something, rather then miss the deadline just because I wasn't happy with what I wrote.
It isn't the perfect solution, it was a compromise. I deemed it was more important to complete my goal. Why? At the moment I am working on improving my productivity by using todo lists, and I judged it to be more important to complete the tasks. Completing the goal I set is my priority, it is all about getting things done. Over time I will adapt and get better at creating and completing deadlines so I don't have to rush.

Another barrier I am working through is changing my day job. When you have been in a job for a long time, you become used to your role; it becomes part of who you are. When you decide to make a change, it can be hard to see yourself in a different role, you feel trapped by your past.

I am exploring the prospect of starting a business. Inspired by Tim Ferris's book the TFWW. I want change. I am not satisfied with my job. My goal is to create a business that reflects on the person I want to be. So I am building the idea of starting a part-time business after my regular job. A business that will develop my passions into something that earns an income.

The reason people end up in dead end jobs is because they don't plan their future.