Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Motivates you?

What are your values and beliefs?

  • Values motivate people to act.
  • Beliefs control how people act.

Motivation to action is guided by value. What is the reward? Health, wealth, happiness and love.

Beliefs are the principles that guide peoples actions e.g I believe a job is what I need to be rich, versus the only way I will be rich is if I win the lottery.

Seth Godin says this


Some people want to do things because they are interesting.
Some people want to do things because they work.
Some people want to do things because everyone else is doing them.
And some people are satisfied/scared/shy/lazy and don't do anything.
Think about blogging or buying a new pair of shoes or voting for a candidate or picking one career over another. Different people have very different agendas. The key in understanding someone's actions is understanding their agenda. -Seth Godin, Kinds of People.

I say people are motivated by value and act according to their beliefs.