Monday, April 27, 2009

Changing Bad Habits

You repeat the same action in the same situation over and over, you get to the point where you take a particular action in a particular situation simply because you're in that situation. Your goal has dropped out of the equation.
Is this you? This article is specifically for anyone who wants to rewrite their bad habits and patterns. This article is a collection of ideas and quotes all related to changing your bad habits. Where I could, I have included the source. Some of it has come from my notebook and the origins were lost.

Most people are thoughtful, creative and independent. Unfortunately their tangled habits are getting in the way of their success. Regrettably their life pattern is sending them in circles, hindering them from pursuing their goals. Don't be that person, know that you have something amazing to share with the world.

Many habits can be explained by attentional errors . When our attention is distracted we carry out highly practised behaviours automatically without thought and sometimes they go wrong.
Like putting the milk out and the cat in the fridge. In a classic diary study of everyday slips and lapses, Reason (1979) got people to describe all sorts of cute out-of-context slips. One person reported unwrapping a sweet (candy to the rest of you), throwing the sweet away and putting the wrapper in his mouth, another to putting shaving cream on his toothbrush and another to going upstairs to change for the evening, then finding himself wearing pyjamas. Although practice makes perfect, it can also make an unthinking robot.
The solution is a life centred around self-learning and awareness. It’s all about building your experience to steer you in a better direction. Learning to pay attention and recognising your patterns. Asking, “Why am I doing this and where is it taking me?” Getting ready to biggify yourself in a mindful way that fits in perfectly with your life. Get in shape spiritually. Get in shape physically. Pay attention to details. Be able to envision the results of your goals.

The Story of Life

Your attitude and vocabulary makes a big difference. The words you use and the story you tell are what brings out the picture in your mind. It is how you relate to your dream. If the story is convincing, if it is authentic, it will come to life.

Finding your Attention

Do you find yourself doing things without even thinking and feel stuck, unable to change your life. It's a habit. A habit is like a map with only one road, always leading you to the same place. If you are ready for change, its time to create a new map. A map that will take you where you want to go.
Howard Hill won 287 times out of 287 archery contests in his life. He could split an arrow at 50 feet. You could shoot better than him in a matter of a few hours ... if he was blindfolded and spun around. How can you hit a target you can’t see? Even better, how can you hit a target you don’t have? You must make targets in your life. The problem in life is not the lack of time, but the lack of focus or direction. Everyone has the same amount of time. from Zig Ziglar on Goals
Focus and direction will cure bad habits. Direction will tell you if your off course, and focus reminds you of the goal. Don't confuse activity with progress.

First Step

Be aware of what you are doing. What need does the bad habit serve? Start paying more attention. When you begin looking for new choices, better solutions being popping up.

Second Step

Notice what triggers the habit. Pay attention and look for forks in the road, what choices do you have? Is this choice worth exploring?

Third Step

Replace the bad and out of date habits. Find a new and better ways of filling the need that triggered the bad habit.

Something to think about

You know the journey up the mountain is just as valuable as getting to the top. Seek enlightenment of heart and head.

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