Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Successful Attitude

One of the reasons I started writing Cultivating the Mind was to stimulate my personal growth. By putting my thoughts on the internet I could test my ideas; I believe successful ideas spread and gain support. All the while I have been writing, I'm still to find an idea that stimulates discussion. This indicates a need to evolve.

I have used Seth Godins, The marketer's attitude as inspiration for my article A Successful Attitude.

A Successful Attitude

-Relentlessly positive

Always see a reason for trying. Never give up because it is hard. Able to see the greater good.
-Visualise complex projects
Break down complex ideas into small actionable tasks.
-Imagine alternative possibilities and outcomes
To use a metaphor, there is more then one way to skin a cat.
-History of doing successfully
People will judge you by your reputation. It is important to develop a history of success. People will see a change in you when your history changes.
-Taken and completed audacious projects
You aren't afraid to take on a big challenge, and develop even more.
-A leader
Be able to create visions people want to follow.
People like you. You have personality. You speak to everyone.
-Good communication
The ability to share your vision, and bring people on board.
-Show initiative
Able to seek out solutions yourself and don't need others to show the way.
-Good listener
Part of good communication and able to understand what people are asking.
-Self motivated
I am, therefore I do. There can only be one.
-Set goals
Part of setting goals is being able to see projects through to completion.
-Constant improvement
Things can only get better. A positive attitude.
-Self improving
I am learning, I am growing and I accept the challenge.
-Constant learning
I want to see and understand the world I live in.
Share your joy for life.
-A good person, who takes care to do wellI care, I want to be part of the community.

So how do you see success? What action are you taking?

Photo by
Jolka Igolka