Monday, September 15, 2008

What are we Here For?

At Goodlife ZEN, Mary Jaksch interviews Steve Pavlina. Mary asks Steve "Why do you think personal growth is so important?", I've only included part of the response.
You must realize that everything you’re experiencing in your human life is temporary. Your body, your home, your career, your possessions, your human relationships — all temporary! When you die, all of those things will be left behind.
The only thing that can possibly survive your physical death is your consciousness, your awareness of existence. Now you may believe that even your consciousness won’t survive, and that’s fine. But at the very least, you must recognize the simple truth that nothing rooted in physicality can endure forever.
You can read the full interview here.

Steve makes a very import point. So often we are caught up in the moment we fail to look at the big picture. What are we here for? What in life has lasting value? Perspective is such an important consideration when judging value. How important is today's emotions compared to the future? How much effort should I put into enjoying today versus tomorrow and the day after? I often forget how quickly the weather of emotions change from day to day, from hour to hour. Instead of planning goals based on a passing feeling, I need to look at what is permanent. What can I do now that will have lasting value? How important is this moment to my future?

What do you think has lasting value? Please share your thoughts.

above picture by Denise Docherty