Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Stages of Life

photo by Dan Shirley

Erik Erikson described identity as a sense of self that develops during the course of a person's life. The personality that relates him to and sets him apart from his social milieu.

The above passage comes from Wikipedia. I came across it when researching identity. It inspired me to think about the stages in life leading to the discovery of an individuals identity. It made me think about the stages in my life. The stages weren't linked to age, but part of the process of maturing:
  1. Born with an empty mind, as a newborn I come into the world helpless and without ideas.
  2. Growing up my head is filled learning from parents, governments and education. I was taught to imitate those before me. I was raised and taught what to know.
  3. A time came when I rebelled and rejected the ideas I was taught.
  4. Life became about experience and how it effected my thinking.
  5. I started to search for my mind and interests. Wanting to think for myself and realise my uniqueness.
  6. Eventually, I start sharing the ideas I learned; wanting to connect. To feel connected.