Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clothing is a Part of Your Identity

No matter how unassuming we are, a person’s appearance triggers certain assumptions that we aren’t even aware of. In any first encounter with a person, the brain involuntarily makes connections between the person’s looks and their social standing, income level, education, intelligence, trustworthiness, physical capability, values and worth." -David Cane,

People are identified by the clothes they wear. Think for a moment about the movies you watch. Is it important for the characters to wear the right costumes? The characters in movies dress in costume to help us understand something about the character without meeting or speaking to them. We naturally associate personalities with the type of clothes people wear. An important part of character development is costume. Actors don't just walk onto set and choose any clothes. They put on a costume so the audience can identify with the character.
It isn't just in movies were it is important to choose your clothing. People will judge you by the clothes you wear, clothes are a part of your identity. Clothes don't make the man, but people will identify you by your clothing, especially when they don't know you. What message is your clothes sending? Do you take care choosing the right clothes?

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