Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who Makes the News?

At TED Alisa Miller talks about Why we know less than ever about the world. The news is our window to the world. What happens when that window is coloured or distorted? Watch this short video (4:29) to learn more.

Questions to stimulate thought about how you recieve your news.
  • Do news agengcies report the events people want or the news they want us to know?
  • What is leading to the decline in readership of hardcopy newspapers?
  • Is it really a result of the Internet?
  • If the news was relevant and reputable would people buy hardcopy newspapers?
  • What decides the size of a newspaper?
  • Is the current size and format of newspapers clumsy to read?
  • Does advertising space decide the size and format?
  • What decides if a story or event is news worthy?
  • Who writes the news?
  • Is there a perception that newspapers don't just report the news but fabricate propaganda?
Media companies will be judged on their reputation. Their reputation will be linked to the content.
  • How do you judge the quality of news?
  • How do you filter the news?
  • Are news agencies representing the people who pay for it?
  • Who is paying for the news?
Newsmap is website that shows what the big stories are around the world.
TV program Media Watch has a website for the Australian news that points to errors in local news reporting.