Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Visualising Time to Improve Productivity

Picture time as Lego building blocks. Imagine when a person is born they are given a Lego set in pieces. The purpose in life is to put the Lego set together. Now remember each Lego piece isn't just a block, it is also a piece of time; the time it takes to find the right piece and put it together. That isn't the only challenge, the Lego set your born with doesn't have all the pieces you need. So another goal in life is to seek out the people who have the missing pieces you need to create your Lego world. ( inspiring picture of Lego art by Nathan Sawaya, more here)
  1. Are you putting the pieces of your life together?
  2. What are you creating with your blocks of time?
  3. Are you letting others be the master of your time?
  4. Are you building other peoples dreams?
  5. What is stealing/wasting your time and stopping you from pursuing your own goals?
  6. Are people taking advantage of your skills?
  7. Who benefits most from your skills?
  8. Are you being rewarded for your skills?

In this YouTube video Merlin Mann presents a Google Tech Talk on Time and Attention (Getting Things Done). I found the concept of time tokens very interesting, and it neatly explained people can become slaves to other peoples ideas.