Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Returning to Learning

This blog doesn't get many visitors, just a steady trickle of people who pass by. Often it has felt like I have been writing this blog for myself. The struggle I face is finding relevance.
Reading old ideas lets me see a different side to my thoughts, it brings to attention the gaps in my ability to communicate, the bridges I need to build to connect with an audience.

Cultivating the Mind started as a project to share what I learnt or found interesting. Over time the focus has varied from self development to personal knowledge to reviews. Lately I have been struggling to write content, unsure of what topics are relevant for my audience. I continue to write so I am not a passive user of the Internet. Worse I was being critical of other peoples efforts. It was easy for me to be critical, I was taking for granted the time and effort that goes into writing and creating content.

Often websites are full of repetition, lots of links to the same content. That is where I find myself now, just adding to the noise. Hopefully with continued effort I will be able to improve and start creating original content.