Thursday, May 08, 2008

What I have learned Blogging

For me blogging is about sharing and connecting to readers. If I am successful my readership will grow, and that is how I judge the success of my blog. Here is a list of what I have learned about blogging so far.

What I have learned blogging
  1. Writing well takes time
  2. Writing for an audience is harder then writing for yourself
  3. What I find interesting isn't always popular
  4. Blog about what you know
  5. Attracting an audience to your blog is a skill
  6. Increasing the readership of a blog depends on readers returning
  7. Readers return when you write interesting content
  8. Blogs are judged on their appearance
  9. Knowing html helps, even on Blogger
  10. Links to your blog increases its rank in search engines
  11. Very few people leave comments
  12. Google Analytics, Feedburner and MyBlogLog are sources of feedback i.e statistics on readership
  13. WebsiteGrader will grade how visible your website is to search engine
Image from Mark Barner