Sunday, January 27, 2008

Change the Way You Think

Thinking is life as we know it. Our thoughts don't extend past our knowledge. We decide whether something is good or bad, the decision is made with what is known. So a diverse knowledge is needed to increase the chance of making a good choice, our life depends on it. People will always have different opinions, even when you thought there was only one good opinion. Who is right? Everyone; given the knowledge they have. Everyones knowledge is different. We only think with the knowledge we have, everyone chooses the best answer possible given what they know.
What is the source of your knowledge? Is it from TV, school, books your interested in, newspapers, religion, etc and etc? Have you ever heard someone described as a fundamentalist and wandered what it means? A fundamentalist learns from only one (or i.e a very limited) source. How would they see the world?

To change the way you think

  • Learn about what you don't find interesting
  • Talk to strangers
  • Seek out classic novels you haven't heard of
  • Don't specialise
  • Travel

  • Keep an open mind and discover a world you didn't realise existed.